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Today’s highlights!

I saw the following shows and they were all very good (in different ways) and are all highly recommended!:
Forgotten Voices
Dan Jones: New Kid
David Elms: Nuture Boy
Toby: FuzzBuzz
Sarah Kendall: Touchdown
Gein’s Family Giftshop: Volume 1

Non-performance highlight: printing out tickets for and giving venue directions to Alan Davies and his wife!!!









kanye sleeping.


Kanye Rest

in his Kanye Nest

when he wakes up he’s going to be his kanye best

This is the tale of Kanye West, who is snuggled in his Kanye Nest, having himself a Kanye Rest, for he must be at his Kanye Best, before he’s off on a Kanye Quest, where he’ll be put to the Kanye Test, in hopes to retrieve the Kanye Chest that is distinctly marked with the Kanye Crest, He shall return to the Kanye Nest and have himself a Kanye Fest, where he will welcome many Kanye Guests, but first he must be rid of Kanye Pests, before he can put on his Kanye Vest and dance at the party with such Kanye Zest.

did you just

this sounds like the intro theme song to a children’s show about kanye west going on adventures and respecting the sanctity of nap time

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